Independent Cell Proliferation & Cell Growth Analysis

  • Examine cell proliferation and cell growth independently
  • High-contrast, label-free, imaging for robust single cell segmentation & tracking
  • Extract a wealth of single cell metrics in the form of cell count, mitosis events and dry mass

Cell proliferation is the increase in the number of cells over time as a result of cell division. In contrast, cell growth is the process by which cells accumulate mass.1 The interactions between cell proliferation and cell growth pathways are complex but these processes can operate independently under certain conditions. Cells can grow without dividing, in the example of muscle cell hypertrophy, whilst cells can proliferate without growing when an embryo undergoes cleavage. Cell confluence and cell count measurements through traditional image analysis are common outputs for cell proliferation assays. The accuracy of the former is influenced by changes in cell morphology in response to compounds whilst the latter often requires the introduction of  fluorescent labels to improve counting accuracy, which may alter normal cell behaviour. Notwithstanding these potential limitations, traditional imaging techniques do not reliably report changes in cell growth, and specifically biomass.

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