Real-time, label-free biomolecule interaction analysis: novel GCI approach available only at Creoptix

Over the past few years, many techniques have been developed that have enabled the quantification of biomolecular interactions. These have provided binding affinities, kinetics and/or thermodynamics of the interactions. Amongst those, label-free and real-time technologies are the highly desirable options, especially when they are versatile in experimental design and with a high degree of throughput.

GCI (Grating Coupled Interferometry), a proprietary technology developed by Creoptix AG and recently made accessible for research and industry applications, have revolutionized this field of interactomics in such a way that it combines the strengths of the current mainstream techniques (BLI and SPR), while reducing or eliminating their main drawbacks.

Due to its technology and chip design, GCI displays an extremely high sensitivity allowing for analyses with no lower size limit of the analyte compared to other techniques. Additionally, current label-free technique constraints regarding molecular weight ratio between ligand-analyte are greatly reduced (precise analysis up to 300:1 MW). To read more on this feature, check this tech note.

In the field of drug discovery, there is often a necessity to screen thousands of potential candidates. Regardless of the high throughput approach to perform these screenings, the traditional approaches only display partial features of the interaction and require further characterization. With GCI, and its innovative single-run multi time-pulsed analysis (waveRAPIDRepeated Analyte Pulses of Increasing Duration), a single concentration of the analyte can be used to precisely determine the full kinetics of the interaction in a much reduced timeframe. This screening method results in a higher degree of confidence along the whole development process, and it also provides much higher hands-off autonomy improving the use of resources. To learn more about RAPID analysis, check this White Paper.

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