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Livecyte 2 is a unique quantitative label free cell analysis system which delivers continuous tracking and analysis of individual cells within large populations, enabling users to gain a more realistic and comprehensive understanding of cell behaviour.

The study of cell behaviour and morphology is a fundamental aspect applied in Cell Biology to a wide variety of applications. Even more so if this study helps us to understand cell to cell behaviour using single-cell techniques and in living cells.

Applications such as cell growth and proliferation, healing studies, cell motility, oncology, toxicological studies, angiogenesis, stem cells, are key studies to understand how cells respond in different diseases or under the effect of drugs.

Livecyte 2 is presented as a kinetic cytometer where we can monitor the motion and morphology of each cell.

Livecyte 2 produces high contrast video at time-lapse using Phasefocus patented Ptychographic quantitative phase imaging (QPI) technology for a range of label-free assays that can be complemented with up to seven fluorescence channels.

Automated monitoring of even the most sensitive single cells quickly reveals subtle phenotypic differences in undisturbed cell populations.

Although cell division and growth are both tightly linked to cell cycle and its regulation, they remain distinct processes that can operate independently under some conditions. It can therefore be insightful to distinguish both processes during the same assay.

With the Livecyte 2, in a single label-free run, researchers are able to extract and analyse metrics such as cell count, confluence, number of mitosis events and dry mass (total or single cell).

If you want to know more about the LiveCyte 2 potential, check this recent application where QPI was used to study the effects of cytochalasin D, an actin polymerization inhibitor, on cell proliferation and growth using the A549 adenocarcinoma cell line as model.



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