Real-time IntraVital Microscopy (IVM): In Vivo Cellular-level Imaging of Internal Organs in a Live Animal

sexta-feira, 24 de Março, às 14h30

Auditório do Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology

A microscopia intravital permite observar orgãos e tecidos, ao nível subcelular, num organismo vivo.

A IVIM Technology a Paralab BIO estarão presentes esta sexta-feira, 24 de Março, às 14h30 no auditório do Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology para uma palestra sobre aplicações e inovações em microscopia intravital (confocal e multi-fotão).

The ability to observe various biological processes under an environment that is the closest possible to natural physiological conditions is crucial to understand complex dynamic behaviours. Intravital microscopy allows researchers to observe tissues and organs at subcellular level, while maintaining them inside a living body.

The All-in-One IVM devices from IVIM Technology are the world’s first microscopy devices completely dedicated, engineered and optimized for intravital microscopy. They allow scientists to directly verify hypotheses derived from ex vivo or in vitro observations in a dynamic 3D natural microenvironment on a living organism.

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